About Our Company

A prime audiovisual production outfit 

Built on passion and ingenuity

R-Wells Media is a prime audiovisual production outfit established in 2001, with a passion to re-brand the independent production sub-sector of the electronic media industry in Nigeria. R-Wells media is a content producer with its content in several print publications and over 30 television and radio stations pan Nigeria.

Documentary Sample

R-Wells documentary

Process video sample for Lifemate furniture

Our team filmed the second half of this clip -shots of the furniture  and also handled post production. 

Animation sample

R-Wells Media animation sample.

Core Services

Our core services include:

Content Development

We work with brands to help develop
audio-visual content including;
- Serial T.V, radio and online video content
- Viral videos
- Sound & Event coverage
- Infomercials
- Staff videos
- Celebrity endorsements
- Radio and Television advertisements.
- Digital content development
- Digital Art
- Animation
- Digital character development
- Web and Interactive Media development

Content Production

We currently have our flagship programmes
airing on over 21 television stations
nationwide. This includes the longest
running independent health programme,
Health Monitor and the longest running
independent kids television programme,
Young Scholars. We also own JYB
Television, home to premium family
entertainment content.

Media Placement

As a registered APCON agency, R-Wells
Media has the capacity to register, vet and
place your adverts on your desired media
platforms in Nigeria.

Meet the core team members
Rwells Media Group

Joan Azuka Mbanefo
Head, Content Developer
Dare Awolusi
Head, Production
John Doe
Chief Accountant
Jane Doe
Executive Marketer

We're always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.