Mmm…the smell of barbecue, nice pork and fish ready for the grill, marinated in oil with basil, nutmeg and curry. The burnt aroma? I’m drooling already. It’s six forty-five, fifteen minutes to my newly found singing competition. And guess what?  It’s for kids and it started about a year ago. I’m not even going to lie to you. The competition was amazing.

Let me tell you about the just concluded first phase of audition that aired last weekend.

Kids Voice is literally as it reads – the voice of the kids in a vocal competition. The idea is to break the wall of only adults getting to compete vocally. So, the downturn is basically that kids from age 8 to 18 audition and are given trainers that work with them for a period of 4 weeks.

Basically, this was long anticipated and the first phase has actually come and gone. The audition took place on Saturday the 29th of June, 2019.


No 6 Agidingbi street, off acme road, Alausa, Ikeja.


12 noon


It took place in the RWELLS media studio. There was a mini waiting room where the parents of the contestants could sit and watch their kids. It had two cushions, a centre table and a television to enable them view their children’s performance.

Moving to the studio which was right beside the waiting room. The studio was well equipped with 5 Kino flo light, 4 JVC camera, 5D camera, 4 Tripod, C stand, Boom mic,3 Body mics, SSD card and SD card.




The judges were in person of Mr Idris King and Mr Sunny Steve.

Mr Idris is a new age creative and already there is a lot of noise in the entertainment industry so he is about using his 90s brand to inculcate and interact with the young talents in the black race and beyond via his clothing line, media and team members

Mr Sunny Steve on the other hand is an excellent music creative who looks out for crescendo, form, tonality, melody and lots more.

These two amazing creatives in a room? Whoosh!


So there was a total of three contestants who go by the names; Afolabi Akinsanya, Richard Udemba and Victor Udemba.

Afolabi Akinsanya on his own goes with ‘Malaika’ for his stage performance and for Kids Voice, he was contestant number one (1). The young lad started off with a gospel song which the judges found uncomfortable because he was ‘unable to bring out his vocals and punch’ with his choice song. But by the time he changed his song, Mr Idris King realised he had potential and gave him a yes but Mr Sunny Steve on the other hand said he had a lot of work to do as he was not there yet, advising him too be intentional of his song choice for future auditions and ended by saying he will let him go through the phase on trial.

Richard Udemba was the youngest artist in the first audition phase. He walked in with so much courage and was in a hurry to deliver. But the judges tried to calm him down and were eager to see his performance and guess what?! He earned himself an applaud from both judges. Moreover, Mr Idris King told the young lad he had to learn be be more audible ‘and roar as loud as the lion to remain in the competition’ while Mr Sunny on the other

Victor Udemba, our 3rd contestant is a soccer fan. He performed and Mr Idris King was so lost, you should have seen his facial expression. He first asked whether he loved sports or had any other hobby. The young lad replied saying he wants ‘music but his mom never helps him but is focused on his younger brother Richard ( Our contestant number 2). Both Judges came to a conclusion. Victor couldn’t move pass the audition stage.


I can go on and on but I’ll stop here and go check my barbeque so it doesn’t get burnt.

See you soon 🙂