Secret unknown


So basically, I’ll just take pictures and post on my blog or Instagram without any edit whatsoever. Did this until I stumbled upon a young Instagram model whose picture quality, I must confess, is adorable. I gazed for several hours trying to understand what it was that made the picture look unique. Nothing came through. Yes, I was a bit pissed. Thought of ways to recreate the image but all to no avail.


Found it?

After several months of trial, I came to my answer about a week ago. We are shooting outdoor and the sun is blinding-bright. I hear the director suggest we move to the angled shadows. He tells me to use the reflector to brighten the face of the actor and not long after doing that, the whole production team start complaining about the dexterity of the sun.

We paused and went in for a few scenes only to come back later and meet a very calm and smooth weather.Yeah so if you are like me and think the sun must be really hot and your skin burning before you get the perfect picture, know that you are living a lie.


1.a cool weather

2.perfectly positioned and moved Ronnie


3. led light to avoid flickering

4. Perfect lens ( 85mm close shot to most times achieve a blurred  background, 50mm medium for close up shots and, 14mm for wide shots),  5d mac 3 camera for better picture quality, led lights,


5. Good Sound: using the boom much, audio cable, c-stand and fish pole, a good one at least.


And that way, you will have perfect shots and clips. By the way, these shots are from Behind the scenes of our Tempovate production.