Do you remember those cold rainy days while growing up where before it even rained, the clouds will turn dark? Yes, exactly. That is how the weather was at the time Jyb tv production crew stepped into Estate Intel firm for production. Mind you, the reaction of the gatekeeper to the weather change was just HILARIOUS. He clenched his fists, grind his teeth and lifts his eyebrows in an uneven way. I’m sure by now you can see through his mood clearly. I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about telling you the mastery guide and hacks that will drastically improve your production so sit tight, get your eyes fixed on this piece and in no time, you’re a pro too.



  1. The first rule to set up is basically the place where the lighting is best. Locate your best light up spot and you might want to see the next.
  2. Depth of field; what does this even mean? in simple English, it is the distance between your subject in filming and the surface behind in order to create focus. Look for a perfect place to achieve your depth of field.
  3. Have enough backup( extra batteries, slider, 5D camera, 2 tripod, zoom recorder for audio,  2 rebel camera, 3 lights, 5 light stand,  and so many more) Never ever rely on just one recording because this is a life where things happen and yikes! you don’t want to get caught up with ‘lost content’.
  4. Have fun!