No, I’m not about to narrate the incidence of our young Senator Elisha Abbo because of course you would just get irritated. But instead, I’ll tell you my observation. My silence of course is because I wanted to see where this whole drama was heading.

In some countries, we see it is huge scandal for a person holding any political office, to walk into a sex shop.A SEX SHOP and could not be quiet about his movement but goes ahead to hit a lady and claims she was rude. Hello! Excuse you, so your anger can only lead to violence? There was no better way to express yourself? So the youth hit people in the street and you call them touts or the innocent ones that move about, you carry as suspect for ‘yahoo yahoo’, the innocent victims who try to speak out for their freedom in the universities, you lock them up. Or the one who even writes to stress her pain and hatred for you that you lock up. What difference are you from any of us. Just a quick question though, did you think you would walk out without exposure?

What are you looking for Mr? Another thing is the obvious fact that the ladies he came in with were terribly drunk. That’s to say they were not necessarily aware of where they were after all.

Hence, the vomit but how can you  think that my air condition is poisoned? Which is just ignorance on our Senator’s part. Ignorance of the fact that the lady was drunk. And what she needed was rest, an aerated place and not some sex toy.

Now let’s fast forward to the part where the shop owner is talking to her father upon hearing Senator Elisha call the police. The shop owner’s friend only says ” Oga take it easy na” and the beast in him unleashed. Mind you, there were about 5 men in the shop while the hit on this lady was going on.


We are basically tired and done with the rampant abuse and violence both recorded and not. What?! Only 18 records I mean, what exactly is going on? Even my Senator goes to a sex shop :).

Excitement fills my heart as  voices are getting loud on issues of societal importance of late. It is so unlike before and trust me that is a very nice thing. Not only is the Government treating her citizens unfairly, it is also showing the rising youth the carcinogen it breathes within its environ and that is not only.


Thanks for stopping bye today. See you soon.